Athletic Training

At Columbia College, our student-athletes' health and well-being are of utmost importance.  We strive to provide quality care for our student-athletes' injuries while instilling good habits to help them stay as healthy as possible. Please use the links provided to quick access additional information:

Athletic Training Policies and Procedures

1. Athletes are required to shower before entering the Athletic Training Room.

2. Athletes requiring taping or treatment are to be in the Athletic Training Room one to two hours prior to practice time. (Report time for games).

3. No other collegiate team’s apparel is allowed in the Athletic Training Room.

4. No student is allowed in the Athletic Training Room unless the Certified Athletic Trainer or a student assistant is present.

5. Athletes should not attempt to operate equipment or administer treatments on their own.

6. All supplies and materials stored in the Athletic Training Room are off limits to students. Ask the Certified Athletic Trainer for what you need.

7. Athletic equipment is to be kept outside the Athletic Training Room.

8. Food and drink are not allowed in the Athletic Training Room.

9. No tobacco products are permitted in the Athletic Training Room. 

10. Athletes are to be prompt for treatment and rehab appointments.

11. Any aggressive language or gestures will not be tolerated.

12. Athletes are to be prompt for doctor’s appointments. Transportation is the athlete’s responsibility. If you cannot find transportation, notify the Athletic Training staff at least one day before your appointment and arrangements will be made. Doctor’s appointments will be made around the student’s schedule if possible, except for emergency situations.

13. Athletes are asked to return ace wraps, crutches, or other materials when they are no longer being used. If not returned, you will be billed. They must fill out equipment form checkouts.


Columbia College Sports Medicine requires that all student-athletes carry primary insurance coverage. The Columbia College Athletic Department carries secondary insurance to supplement the cost of medical bills not covered by primary insurance. No student-athlete will be required to pay out of pocket for medical bills associated with an athletic injury/illness, provided they follow the correct procedure and abide by the appropriate guidelines. This insurance policy does not cover any injury occurring during voluntary workouts or unsupervised workouts/practices.

Pre-Participation Exam/Physicals

Prior to participation in intercollegiate athletics at Columbia College, student-athletes must undergo a pre participation exam given by Columbia College team physicians. Student athletes will undergo a physical by a Columbia College team physician on a yearly basis, scheduled by Columbia College Athletic Training staff.

Reporting Injuries and Illness

Athletes must report all injuries immediately to a sports medicine staff member. In the event the injury requires evaluation by a doctor, the appointment will be made through the athletic training room. The Athletic Trainer, in conjunction with the Team Physicians will make all decisions on an athlete's physical status.

Physician Referrals

All physician referrals are to be approved by a member of the Columbia College Sports Medicine staff in advance. All office visits, x-rays, MRI’s and surgeries will be scheduled by the Columbia College Sports Medicine staff. Athletes that do not go through our staff will be responsible for any costs incurred.

Second Opinion

Student-Athletes have the right to request a second opinion in regards to any injury or illness. Columbia College Sports Medicine team and the Columbia College Athletic Department are not financially responsible for any diagnostic testing or physical therapy ordered by, or surgical procedures performed by the second opinion physician unless referred by a Columbia College team Physician.

Non-Athletic Injury/Illness

Columbia College Sports Medicine staff will provide treatment and/or referral for any non-athletic injury or illness. Examples of non-athletic injuries are injuries suffered during intramurals, summer league play, unsupervised workouts/practices, or while working athletic camps. Columbia College Sports Medicine and the Columbia College Athletic Department are not responsible for payment of medical bills associated with non-athletic injuries or illnesses.

Drug Testing

All Columbia College student-athletes are subject to random drug testing throughout the year.

Pregnancy Policy

Serious consideration of the risks and benefits of athletic participation must be weighed by the pregnant student-athlete, personal physician, the team physician, and the member institution. This discussion, and the subsequent process by which the decision for or against medical qualification to participate is made, should thoroughly take into account the risk of injury to the student-athlete and her fetus. In instances where a decision is made to allow the pregnant student-athlete to compete, a properly executed document of understanding and waiver should be signed by the student-athlete.

AIDS Policy

The decision to allow an H.I.V. positive athlete to participate will be made on an individual basis on the recommendation of the team physician.

Return Transportation from an Off-Campus Event

Student-athletes injured during an off-campus competition that must remain after the team has departed have the right to safe return transportation to Columbia College. A Columbia College Athletic Department or Sports Medicine staff member must accompany and remain with the student-athlete during emergency treatment.