Hoops 2 Heels

What is Hoops 2 Heels? 

         Hoops 2 Heels is a presenter series geared toward helping our student athletes prepare for life outside of basketball.  This program is for all grade levels and will cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to Successful Women in the Workforce, Nutrition, Teamwork, Overcoming Adversity, Finding their "why", Finance, and much more!

Who will be speaking?

         Our 2016-2017 campaign will kick off with Katie Neubaum!  Katie is a SC native and entrepreneur with several successful businesses throughout the U.S., she is a singer, motivational speaker, and has been recognized by LinkedIn as someone who can successfully help others with the power of social media to grow their business.  She will be speaking Wednesday September 14, 2016 in BSC 223 at 1700 hours.

         Other speakers include COL Berry along with CW3 Ivis from the SC Army National Guard, Marcus Lattimore, Caroline W. Smith from BB&T, Bethany Gregorich, and many others!    

What are the benefits?

         The team will be provided an opportunity to gain valuable life skills, knowledge about women in the workforce, how to not only self-motivate but how to motivate others, they will network with business and individuals outside of Columbia College, and begin thinking about and working towards a successful career NOW!

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