Columbia College finishes 9th at AAC National Qualifier

PINE MOUNTAIN, G.A. - The Columbia College Golf team finished in 9th place in the 2017 AAC National Qualifier at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA.

The Koalas were led by the seniors Laura Maurer and Elizabeth Hendrix. Both seniors finished in style with Tap in Pars for their last collegiate hole played at the Lake View Course in Callaway Gardens.

Elizabeth lit up the par 5 holes with 2 birdies. Laura was very steady with pars and had one of the top averages on the par 3 holes.

Coach Morrison was pleased with the way the team finished in the tournament, "They stayed on course with our plan and attacked the when they had a chance to take advantage of the hole.



Laura Maurer                     T-17

Elizabeth Hendrix             T-37

Kristen Jones                     T-47

Remi Jeffries                      T-54