Chelsea Vogleson: A Voice On and Off the Field

Chelsea Vogleson, junior defender for the 2016-17 Koala lacrosse team, is also a dedicated speech-language pathology undergraduate at Columbia College.  Vogleson was recently honored when asked to prepare a presentation to exhibit at the annual American Speech-Language and Hearing Association in Philadelphia, PA.  Vogleson's presentation subject was on South Carolina State's late master's program graduate, Aliyah Howard.  In 2012 Aliyah, fellow resident of Columbia, South Carolina, studied speech-language pathology in pursuit of a master's degree while she was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer.  Aliyah battled cancer for over a year including undergoing a glossectomy, surgical removal of the tongue. Just as the Howard family thought that Aliyah had completed all her treatments they received the devastating news that it had spread to her lungs and kidneys.  Aliyah passed two months after earning her masters in speech-language pathology. The Howard family soon set up a fund named "Aliyah's Voice".   The fund was established to assistant families suffering through similar cancer battles as Aliyah once did and also to support other students pursuing a SLP degree.  Vogelson is the most recent recipient of an Aliyah's Voice scholarship. Vogleson's presentation was composed about Aliyah Howard's story and she shared it at the convention with her professors from Columbia College. Vogleson's blog can be read online at  as it follows her journey to the ASHA convention and her experience learning about the Aliyah Howard.

By: Mckenna Buckley