Koalas Return to Action

The Koalas were back in action on Saturday after nearly a month off from racing due to weather issues. They were hungry to perform and they all ran very hard. "The goal today was to challenge ourselves and work on our mental strength. I wanted everyone to go out hard and start racing around mile 1.5. I could not be more pleased with the results. We had three ladies nursing tiny ailments but everyone fought super hard".  The Koalas were led by Alyssa Waibel who led the way in 36th with a 10 second personal best of 19:39. Senior Lauren Glencross was in 99th with an 11 second personal best of 21:38. Running unattached and coming in next was Kennedy Beach (22:50).  Hannah Mishkoff (129), Diana Gleaton (136), Heather Woolard (146), Ayanah Howard (152), Ashlyn Phipps (165), Julisa Echeverria (175), and Brittan Robbins (178) rounded out the performance for Columbia College.

The koalas will be at it again October 6 as they host the 2nd annual Koala Classic at Charwood Country Club.